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iPhone / iPad Applications

The mobile application space in the market has been growing bigger and faster with every year thankfully due to the increasingly powerful devices and cheaper data plans. With the grand iPhone in place, Apple has been at the limelight of such a growth by redefining application boundaries with the App store. This has created new industry standards in the smart phone marketplace and a gold rush for developers. Without compromising a bit on the usability, completeness, user experience, choice of approach, right tools and guidelines to submit applications to the app store, team ImagiNET develop winning applications that are in perfect alignment with consumer expectations.

Calculate / Utilities Apps, Entertainment Apps, Games Apps, News Apps, Productivity Apps, Search Tool Apps, Social Networking Apps, Sports Apps, Travel Apps, Weather Apps or anything that can be made simple through an application on an iPhone can be given life to by our proficient developers. Our team’s familiarity with development resources like the Xcode developer package, Cocoa Touch frameworks, Xcode IDE, Interface builder, Instruments for performance and behaviour analysis, iOS simulators and graphics tools enable us to develop native to customized user friendly, secure and instrument compatible applications. More organized professional and personal life, application of your taste and choice, paramount graphics and sound features, self-talking applications on the App store, lucrative icons and themes are sound advantages of approaching ImagiNET mobile application hub. For all that it has done to you, gift your iPhone wonderful apps today!

Submitting iPhone Application to Apple Store

The revolutionary App Store experience makes it easy for you to reach millions of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch customers. At ImagiNET, having the iPhone developer license in hand, we follow these guidelines provided by Apple in order to publish applications to the App store so that customers can download.

    • Application Name (must be unique)
    • Application description
    • Application Category
    • URL for your application feedback
    • Icon of your application in 512×512 size
    • Main picture of your application in 320×480 or 320×460 size

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