WordPress - A Revolution in Website Designing

WordPress – A simple and flexible open source website development tool which is the most powerful software ruling the World Wide Web today. Millions of websites are powered using WordPress as a Content Management System. Starting for a simple informative websites to e-commerce, social networking, news portals etc can be developed using WordPress. WordPress new version has a totally responsive Admin module and with thousands of responsive themes available online, developing a website has been made simpler. Sites like TED, CNN, TechCrunch and the National Football League use WordPress. WordPress Websites are used by 409 million people with more than 14.4 billion page views each month. There are close to 30 thousand plugins, with more than 50 millions downloads and still counting. But even with all these options no two websites are same. Each business is unique and each websites have to be unique. This is were ImagiNET steps in.  We will choose the most closest theme for you and customise for your requirements. We will add modules which you use and remove modules that you don’t, making your Admin simpler to manage. We will install plugins which will help you in getting better Search Engine positions and also optimise WordPress codes for better performance.

Why Choose WordPress! @ ImagiNET

  • Developed more than 1300 WordPress Websites
  • We design or customise existing themes which suits your needs
  • We have the expertise to develop plugins for your requirements
  • All our websites are responsive (mobile and tablet friendly)
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Faster Loading for better user experience
  • Scalable Website – your website can be expanded as your business grows
  • Make your website secure, reliable, hack and spam free.
CMS Web Development in Chennai, Web Design Company in Chennai | Web Development Company in Chennai | ImagiNET Ventures
CMS Web Development in Chennai, Web Design Company in Chennai | Web Development Company in Chennai | ImagiNET Ventures

Magento Website Development

Internet has redefined the trading, today everyone is habituated to the online shopping. e-Commerce websites plays an important role in this new world of shopping and there are millions of businesses starting from the small accessories to booking a flight ticket have their own e-commerce sites. According to Forrester, e-Commerce market in India is at an early stage but growing rapidly and by looking at the revenue India is on par with other early stage e-commerce markets. We, ImagiNET Ventures the pioneers in developing e-Commerce sites and we always stay one step ahead in the web development market. We are experts in designing and customising an e-Commerce site to any extent. Our proficient team of e-Commerce developers are experienced in developing large e-Commerce portals with easy navigation and usable Product filters.  We have done numerous e-commerce sites using Magento for more than 5 years. Magento is the most flexible open source business solutions owned by eBay Inc. for building powerful e-commerce sites. We have integrated Magento with lots of third party shop front applications like Vend (It is a on-demand point-of-sale and customer loyalty software which can be operated from any device with any web-browser over the cloud). We can integrate Magento store with Facebook store. You will have one Admin to manage but your Products will be available in your own online store and your Facebook store. Similarly we can also create an eBay Shop integrated with your Magento installation. We can also develop a bulk upload option to upload all your Products easily without having to enter one by one. We can customise Magento extensions to suit your requirements. Your existing sites developed in other platforms can also be migrated to Magento Website without much efforts.
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We know your business is special to you, so we build CMS specially for you!

Web Content Management System We know your business is special to you, so we build Web Content Management System specially for you! A good organization is dynamic structure – ever growing and ever evolving. A good website is a reflection of a good organization. Often, it becomes tedious and cumbersome for most businesses to maintain a website if they don’t have an in-house technical expert. The easiest and the most effective solution is a well developed CMS site that can systematize your website update process. CMS sites are completely dynamic and can be managed and updated without any programming knowledge. Like the same suggests, content can be managed on the fly. Ensure repeated visitors with the help of new, updated content.

ImagiNET developed CMS sites
  • We completely understand your requirements and set up an apt platform to ensure your smooth journey into the online space. No handing over off-the-shelf products!
  • Emphasis on SEO. The importance of search engine viability cannot be compromised. Not all CMS platforms are SEO friendly, hence its imperative that you have an expert help you make the right choice.
  • At ImagiNET, we speak your language! We are not going to scare you with words like Title Tag Customization, Keyword-Rich URLs, Internal Anchor Text Flexibility etc. We will do it for you and show you the results.
  • Enhancements Galore! We source and install plug-ins that will give your website that extra edge. Plug-ins to make the site Admin friendly, user friendly, fast to load and attractive.

Custom Code CMS

Custom made CMS to fit your requirements that are developed and scratched. We make them scalable so the CMS can grow along with your business. Intelligent systems to manage information for better workflow and business sense.

    • Joomla!
    • WordPress
    • Mambo
    • osCommerce
    • DotNetNuke and Pligg CMS

we do it all. Though these Open sources are technically adept, only an expert can customize them to suit your requirements. At times, they have way too many features that not everyone may require and more times than not, features needs to be added. Our developers at ImagiNET take care of all the scaling ups and scaling downs to find the right balance for you.