Corporate Design

Colour plays a vital role in attractive website designs. Be it the small business websites to the major corporate portals, colour is the main consideration. Colour is the factor which decides the overall appearance of the site and conveys the message firmly. We, at ImaginNET Ventures in Chennai, India, choose the most appropriate colour that will match your specification & business requirements and create a branding for your company. Alternatively, if you have a colour scheme which was well-established upon your clients, we make use of that being and create your website using different variants of the specified colour.

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Blue – The most popular colour used by most of the corporates. This colour denotes prospect and stability.

Red – The powerful colour, which has great potence to attract people, if used in proper proportion. Interactive websites are best to use this colour.

Yellow – Denotes to energy and potential. Yellow can be used by logistic companies.

Green – Symbolizes growth, wealth, freshness and safety. Business related to money, agriculture, wealth or spiritual websites can opt for this colour.

Orange – Associated with fun and happiness. This colour is best suited for fun and kids websites etc.,

Purple – Denotes luxury and ambition. Beauty & fitness sites can use purple to grab attention of the visitors.

Black – A good technical colour suitable for entertainment sites.

White – Symbolizes purity, cleanliness and peace. A best background colour for all types of websites

Once the corporate colors are chosen, it’s essential to create a brand style guide that includes specifications for each color, such as their specific hex codes or Pantone references. This style guide should also outline guidelines for how and where the colors should be used to maintain consistency and integrity across all brand materials, Imaginet helps to achieve a perfect branding for products.

Remember that corporate colors should be carefully selected and thoughtfully integrated into the overall brand strategy. They should effectively represent the brand’s identity and resonate with the target audience, ultimately contributing to building a strong and recognizable brand image.