Search Analytics

Do you know What is your site’s traffic per day? Are you aware about the most popular page of your website among the visitors? Do you know from which country most of the people land to your Website? If the answer is “NO” for all above questions, it’s time now for you to call our SEO Experts for the detailed and customized reports. We provide weekly/monthly detailed report, which will have the details of visits per day, Landing Page, Country and city of the visitors, Average time on the site, etc.,

Are you pondering as to why you need those details? Well, every business relies on the visitors and their data. With the help of page visits and average time, one can know which is the most popular keyword and page among the visitors and can improve the site subsequently, using the country of visit data one can give ads to increase the traffic and business proportionately.

At ImagiNET Ventures in Chennai, India, we also analyse and provide you the funnel visualisation as well as goal completed reports for better clarity of your website. All our reports are business-oriented and tailored in accordance to your requirements.