SSL & Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that provides encryption and authentication for secure communication over the internet. SSL certificates are used to enable SSL encryption and establish a secure connection between a website’s server and a user’s web browser. Here are some key points about SSL and its role in security

Certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect the private information – passwords, credit card numbers – submitted to your website. Customers will buy with confidence, knowing that the information they enter on any secured page is protected. It’s all backed by our dedicated security team in Chennai, India.

SSL uses encryption algorithms to protect data transmitted between a website and a user’s browser. This ensures that the information exchanged, such as login credentials, credit card details, or other sensitive data, remains confidential and cannot be intercepted or read by unauthorized parties.

SSL Security

Email Services

Email services have become an essential tool for communication in both personal and professional settings. With the rise of remote work, email services have become even more important as they allow people to stay connected from anywhere in the world.

Your domain is key to building your company brand, and your email address is just as critical. When your email address is your company name, you’re marketing your business with every email. The research shows that the average business person sends and receives over 100 emails every day- a huge opportunity to reinforce your business identity. And, we at ImagiNET Ventures in Chennai, India do just that.

When choosing an email service, consider factors such as storage space, ease of use, security features, spam filtering, mobile access, and additional integrated services. It’s also essential to review the terms of service and privacy policies of the email provider to understand how your data is handled and protected.Imaginet Chennai takes care of the above mentioned points to the utmost level.