Web Designing Course in Chennai is especially a good career choice in 2023.

The demand for web designing is increasingly escalating to 13% from 2020 to 2030 as per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, due to growing popularity of mobile phones, smart devices, ecommerce platforms, etc. WordPress is user-friendly and easy to use and scale thereby making it the most sought after technology to learn and develop.

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Why Web Designing Course?

    Learning web design in 2023 can be a valuable investment for several reasons:
    • High Demand for Web Designers: As the digital landscape continues to expand, the demand for skilled web designers remains strong. Companies of all sizes and across various industries need visually appealing and user-friendly websites to establish their online presence, which creates opportunities for web designers.
    • Rapidly Evolving Technology: Web design trends and technologies are constantly evolving. By enrolling in a web design course in 2023, you can stay up-to-date with the latest tools, design principles, and best practices. This knowledge is essential to create modern and responsive websites that meet users’ expectations.
    • Mobile-First Approach: Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary way people access the internet. Web designers need to understand the principles of responsive design and mobile user experience to create websites that work seamlessly across different screen sizes.
    • User Experience (UX) and Accessibility: User experience and accessibility have become critical factors in web design. Learning web design in 2023 will likely emphasize designing user-friendly interfaces and ensuring websites are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
    • E-Commerce Growth: The e-commerce sector continues to expand, and businesses are constantly seeking skilled web designers to create visually appealing and conversion-focused online stores. Understanding e-commerce design principles can open up additional career opportunities.
    • Freelancing and Remote Work Opportunities: Web design is a field that allows for freelancing and remote work. By mastering web design skills, you can have the flexibility to work on projects from clients around the world and even start your own web design business.
    • Integration of New Technologies: Web design is no longer limited to static websites. The integration of technologies like AI, augmented reality, and voice interfaces in web design is becoming more prevalent. Learning web design in 2023 can prepare you to work with these emerging technologies.
    • Complementary Skill for Developers: If you aspire to become a full-stack developer, having a strong foundation in web design can complement your technical skills and make you a more well-rounded professional.
    • Portfolio Building: By taking a web design course, you can build a portfolio of projects that showcase your skills and creativity. A well-curated portfolio is crucial for landing web design jobs and freelance gigs.
    • Creative Outlet: Web design allows you to express your creativity while solving real-world problems. If you have a passion for art, design, and technology, a career in web design can be a fulfilling way to combine these interests.
    Remember that the field of web design is highly competitive, so continuous learning and keeping up with industry trends are essential to stay relevant and stand out as a web designer in 2023 and beyond.

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    WordPress Website Course Syllabus

    • What is WordPress CMS?
    • Why is WordPress so Popular CMS?
    • WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com
    • WordPress Vs Blogspot by Google
    • WordPress Alternative CMS’s
    • Technical Requirements to Use WordPress
    • Skills required to Use WordPress
    • Getting Started: Domain Name Purchase
    • Ideal Hosting for WordPress Site/Blog
    • Connecting Your Domain to Hosting Server
    • Installing WordPress using Cpanel
    • Installing WordPress on your Server Manually
    • WordPress Manual Installation Process Explanation
    • Updation and Explanation of WP very Latest Version
    • Login WordPress Website
    • WordPress Dashboard Features Overview
    • WordPress Profile / Gravatar Profile Creation
    • Configuring a WordPress Website Setting
    • General Setting & Discussion Setting
    • Reading & Writing Setting
    • Permalink Setting & Privacy Setting
    • Miscellaneous Settings in WordPress
    • WordPress Content Management
    • Understanding the Difference Between Post & Page in WP
    • WordPress Category Vs Tags
    • WordPress Features Image
    • Import Export Blog Post & Data from Blogspot (if required)
    •  Learn to Create First Post & Publishing
    • Learn how to Create Pages
    • Understanding User Roles and Capabilities
    • WordPress Media Gallery
    • Users Comment Management
    • WordPress Website Customization
    • What is WordPress Themes – Explanation
    • What is WordPress Plugin – Explanation
    • Theme Installation & Customization
    • Use of WordPress Page Builder
    • Landing Page Creation in WordPress
    • Plugin Installation and Configuration
    • Must-Have / Required Plugin for Every Website
    • Breadcrumbs Settings  – Yoast SEO
    • WordPress Website SEO Plugin Settings – Yoast SEO
    • Search Engine Friendly URL
    • Analytics Configuration – Yoast SEO
    • Social Media Graph Meta Data – Yoast SEO
    • Title, Description & Keywords Tags – Yoast SEO
    • Robots txt and Sitemap Setting
    • Speedup WordPress Website
    • WordPress Website Security
    • Automatic Backup Setup
    • WordPress Website Migration Process
    • Understanding WordPress Database